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with Nelson Mandela

with Michael Jordan

with Michael Jordan

Teenage Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a huge Ronaldo-Fan

with Lionel Messi

His son Ronald + Ronaldo + Messi

Ronaldo took a picture of his son Ronald with Lionel Messi

Cristiano-Ronaldo seems to be impresed by the original Ronaldo

with Michael Schumacher

with Michael Schumacher

with Michael Schumacher

with Michael Schumacher

with Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal as a kid with his childhood-hero Ronaldo!
(Rafaels uncle was playing WITH Ronaldo at Barcelona)

with Shakira

with Hugh Jackman

Brazilian-Ronaldo-Jersey for Pope Johannes Paul II.

with Silvio Berlusconi

As Brazils president, Lula (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva) visited
Ronaldo at
Corinthians São Paulo

vs. Oliver Kahn during World-Cup-Finale 2002

vs. Oliver Kahn during World-Cup-Finale 2002

Right after World-Cup-Finale 2002: In the moment of his
greatest victory, Ronaldo solaced Oliver Kahn

At World-Cup-Finale 2002 Ronaldo was Kahns nightmare

Alexandre Pato with his idol

When Ronaldo visited brazilian coach Leonardo at Paris St. German,
the players stopped training and wanted to take pictures with Ronaldo:
Here coach Leonardo takes a picture of Nene & Ronaldo

warm up with Zinedine Zidane

warm up with Ronaldinho

Neymar + Zico + Ronaldo

Ronaldo with Homer Simpson at
Simpsons episode "March online".

Beckham + Figo + Ronaldo + Zidane + Raul

Referees take picture with Ronaldo before a game of Corinthians

with Zidane and referee Pierluigi Collina

Super-cyclist Mario Cipollini gave Ronaldo one of his bikes,
and Ronaldo gave him one of his jerseys:

Mario Cipollini, after winning the 10th leg of the cycling classic "Tour of Italy". He had been fined for wearing an Inter Milan soccer jersey with the name of the Brazilian star Ronaldo at the awards-ceremony :-)
Cipollini said Ronaldo gave him the jersey as a present and he had promised to wear it after winning a stage.

Prof. Gérard Saillant, who operated Ronaldo 3 times (in Paris)

with Ricardo Kaka


with Roberto Baggio

with Del Piero

vs. Andrés Iniesta

vs. Alan Shearer

with Roy Keane

vs. Zinedine Zidane

with Alex Barros

Sir „BobbyRobson  +  Ronaldo  +  José Mourinho

with Roberto Baggio

vs. Keeper Peter Schmeichel

with brazilian national-keeper Taffarel at WC 1998

Adriano + Ronaldo

Many times for charity: Ronaldo & friends vs. Zidane & friends
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